Raw Materials Art Supplies
+ Custom Art Framing

Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday noon – 5pm
Free parking with $20 purchase

436 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(800) 729-7060

Raw Materials Art Supplies is an art supply store in Downtown Los Angeles that also offers custom fine art framing and stocks thousands of art supplies at every-day low prices, including many top brands of paints, stretched canvas, and brushes.

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Lucky Bag

Lucky Bags!

We want you to get lucky! Fukubukuro (fuku means luck, fukuro – conjugated into bukuro – means bag), or Lucky Bags, are sealed bags containing art supplies sold for a set price. Each Lucky Bag contains a variety of art supplies and other goodies, and the contents of the bag would be significantly more expensive if you were to buy each item separately.

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Gamblin Sets

Gamblin Sets are 40% off!

All sets of Gamblin paints are on sale for 40% off list price! Also, select Golden acrylic sets are 40% off, all Williamsburg introductory oil sets are 40% off, Daniel Smith watercolor sets are 40% off, and Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor sets are 25% off.

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Raw Materials T-Shirt

We have T-shirts!

After 9 years, we finally have T-Shirts with our name on them! Get yours for $15, or with 150 points from our rewards program! You can finally show people where you get all your best art supplies.

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Golden High Flow Acrylics

Buy 3 High Flow Acrylics, get Carbon Black Free!

Golden High Flow Acrylics are perfect for airbrushing, painting, refilling markers, pouring techniques, or pen drawings. Get a free 1 oz. bottle of Carbon Black with the purchase of any three 1 oz. bottles of High Flow Acrylics by Golden.

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Cheep! Acrylic Paints

Cheep! Acrylics for $2.99!

Just need some basic acrylic paint for a project? Don't mind digging around in a box of tubes to find the color that you need? 120ml tubes of Cheep! acrylic paint are just $2.99+tax, and 500ml jars are $5.99.

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Americal Easel Water Media Panel

Free 5" × 7" Watermedia Panel!

Get a free 5" × 7" Watermedia Panel from American Easel when you purchase any $10 in watercolors (including sets). The exclusive water-media treatment used on these panels was created to work beautifully with all water media. The surface is absorbent, durable and lightly textured, but it can also be sanded to be more like hot press paper. No other prep work is required, they are ready for paint.

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Art Alternatives Illustration Marker Sets

25% off Art Alternatives Illustration Markers!

These alcohol-based markers from Art Alternatives have a brush tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other, with easy flowing, vibrant ink. They are brand new, and 25% off! Individual colors are also available.

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Masterpiece Linen Canvases

50% off Masterpiece Canvas!

Save more on the best pre-stretched canvases available, including unprimed canvas and linen with an acrylic or alkyd prime. Available in sizes from 5" × 5" to 48" × 72" in a variety of different depths and canvas surfaces.

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Art Alternatives Classic Cotton Stretched Canvas

60% off Art Alternatives Canvas!

Psst. This isn't really a sale, this is our every-day price. Besides our sale items, we offer amazing every-day discounts on many the materials you need every day like canvas, brushes, and paints. And when you come in, ask about our rewards program!

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