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Airbrush Jar Adaptor Badger

Adaptor for 3/4 oz. and 2 oz. jars for Badger Models 150 and 200 airbrushes.

Airbrush Bottle Createx

This plain 2 oz. airbrush color bottle comes with a flip cap.

Airbrush Bottle Adapters Createx

Change colors in a matter of seconds with these airbrush bottle adapters that fit right onto both 2 and 4 oz. bottles of color. The messy clean up that comes with the use and switching of standard airbrush color bottles is eliminated. The Plastic Redy Cap prevents colors from drying when stored. There are three adapters in each pack.

Airbrush Bottles Iwata-Medea

Big Mouth bottles are solvent-proof for all airbrush paint mediums. The domed, high-strength one piece cap with offset friction fit connector easily affixes onto an airbrush. The raised air intake creates a splash-proof opening. The detachable pick up tube makes the cap easy to clean.

Airbrush Cleaning Kit Iwata-Medea

Unique tools and expert instructions to clean & maintain any style of airbrush.

Airbrush Cleaning Mat Iwata-Medea

Have you ever had your nozzle or needle roll off your worktable? How many parts have you lost when you take apart your airbrush? With it’s unique raised edge, your parts will never roll away again! Take apart and reassemble your airbrush on a large, safe and soft surface with non-skid backing. 11.75" × 10.75".

Airbrush Replacement Parts Iwata-Medea

An airbrush is only a true Iwata when it contains genuine Iwata parts. The parts are precision crafted on the industry’s most sophisticated machinery using the finest materials for consistent quality and performance. Every batch, every time.

Airhoses & Adaptors Iwata-Medea

All Iwata Medea airbrushes use O-ring sealed fittings which form leak-proof seals when attached to the airbrush.

External Mac Valve Iwata-Medea

The External Mac Valve allows for infinite control of airflow at the airbrush. Spray a coarse stippling effect to full atomization with a quick turn. For fine line or detail work, adjust to create optimum airflow for maximum control of paint output. Fully open the External Mac Valve and quickly clean the airbrush during color changes or for wide background spraying.

Pistol-Grip Filter Iwata-Medea

Attaching directly onto the airbrush, the Iwata-Medea Pistol-Grip Filter is the final defense to deliver clean, dry air to your airbrush. Miniature in size, the super-fine, 5-micron filter element performs like a full-size filter separator.

Quick Disconnect Adaptors & Fittings Iwata-Medea

The QuickFit Disconnect Sets and Adaptors allow the use of multiple airbrushes with a single air source and hose. It completely shuts of airflow when disconnected, and works with all Iwata air hoses and airbrushes. The set connects to the air hose, and adaptors can be installed on each airbrush to allow for using multiple airbrushes with one air hose.

Universal Airbrush Holder Iwata-Medea

A must for any studio, the Universal Airbrush Holder securely holds a combination of any two (2) gravity-feed, bottom-feed, side-feed and trigger airbrushes. Heavy-duty clamp for tables up to 3 inches (76.2 mm) thick.

Universal Spray Out Pot Iwata-Medea

This Universal Spray-Out Pot prevents overspray while cleaning your airbrush. It has a removable, non-skid pot sleeve. Includes a the universal airbrush hanger that will hold gravity-feed, side-feed, bottom-feed and trigger-style airbrushes. The filter cap on the top is shaped like a shallow dish so it can be used as an instant airbrush parts holder!

Zippered Airbrush Case Iwata-Medea

Iwata Zippered Airbrush Case keeps your airbrushes, tools and accessories organized. Holds up to 6 airbrush and includes an internal, zippered pouch for storing spare parts. Airbrushes are held secure with elastic straps inside this durable nylon case. Perfect for travel or to keep your work space organized.

Braided Air Hose Paasche

Ideal for use with all Paasche airbrushes, couplings included.

Airbrush Bottles Badger Special Order Only

These glass airbrush color jars come with screw on covers.

Airbrush Replacement Parts and Accessories Badger Drop Ship Only

Precision made, these connectors will not leak even when the air pressure is 120 p.s.i. The female connector is universal for all male fittings and is easily hand-tightened. One airhose with the female connector will operate most airbrushes with the male connector designed for that particular airbrush, allowing you to switch from one airbrush brand to another in seconds.

Braided Air Hose Badger Drop Ship Only

A 10 ft. braided air hose for use with any air system. Includes a swivel connection with a 1/4" pipe thread fitting.

Crown Cap Iwata-Medea Special Order Only

The Crown Cap can be used instead of the standard needle cap on many Iwata airbrush models. The short length and crown design allows the needle tip to be more easily seen and cleaned, and helps prevent paint build up.

Karajen Air-Port Airbrush Work Station Iwata-Medea Special Order Only

The Karajen Air-Port Airbrush Work Station provides a simple solution to organizing your airbrushes and airbrush supplies. Made from 18-gauge steel for long-lasting durability, the work station holds three airbrushes and additional airbrush supplies in adjustable hanging postions. The hanger includes magnetic and bolt on options for versatility in your studio.

Karajen Air-Port Hanger Iwata-Medea Special Order Only

The Karajen Air-Port Hanger will hang most styles of airbrushes. The Karajen Air-Port Hanger features an adjustable hanging postions. The hanger includes magnetic and bolt on options for versatility in your studio. The hanger is made of 18-gauge steel for long lasting durability.

Airbrush Cleaning Kit Mack Special Order Only

This kit is contained in a 16oz polyethylene wash bottle (#1216)

Miscellaneous Paasche Accessories Paasche Drop Ship Only

A selection of Paasche airbrush replacement parts and accessories.