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The QuickFit Disconnect Sets and Adaptors allow the use of multiple airbrushes with a single air source and hose. It completely shuts of airflow when disconnected, and works with all Iwata air hoses and airbrushes. The set connects to the air hose, and adaptors can be installed on each airbrush to allow for using multiple airbrushes with one air hose.

The ¼" Threaded Disconnect Sets and Adaptors provide similar functionality for disconnecting air hoses from the air source.

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¼" Threaded Set IWA-012010 $63.25 In stock
¼" Threaded Adaptor IWA-AS12011 $9.10 $13.00
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QuickFit Set IWA-I1603 $18.50 In stock WARNING
QuickFit Adaptor IWA-I1604 $8.50 In stock