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Great White Shark is a low maintenance oil lubricated airbrush compressor developed with famed T-shirt artist Mark "the Shark‰" Rush. Designed to be powerful enough for the demands of professional use but quiet enough for a studio setting, this unit has a number of innovative features which makes it a great choice for users needing lots of clean, dry air and nearly silent operation.

A large 2.5 gallon is mounted above the motor for better balance and to allow the tank to act as moisture separator, removing water before it reaches the air line. The unique fan and radiator position cools compressed air, condenses moisture and reduces heat from the motor. The powerful 5/8 HP motor itself is designed with a finned head for maximum cooling and durability. Compressor components are housed in a unique dual-roll bar cage on wheels for easy, safe transport.

Includes a regulator with precise pressure settings from 0-100 PSI allowing accurate control of air flow. Also includes an extra-long, heavy duty electrical cord so no extension cords are needed. This prevents over heating problems that can be caused with undersized cords with too low amperage. The Shark series of silent compressors are designed for virtually maintenance-free performance. Only a minimum maintenance schedule is needed to keep the compressor in perfect working order.

Ships with 22 oz. bottle of Silentaire compressor oil, detailed operations manual providing instructions for set up and configuration.