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Artool Freehand Airbrush Templates are must-have tools in an air brusher’s arsenal of art materials. Delineate shapes by matching the contours of the Freehand Airbrush Templates with the subject matter in your artwork. Simply rotate or flip-flop the various Artool Template patterns to find the shapes which work best for hard-edge contours, or slightly raise templates to create softer-edge contours. The broad range of shapes, textures and themes is a never-ending journey for Artool to meet the needs of fine artists, illustrators, custom automotive artists and hobby enthusiasts everywhere.

Many of the Artool Templates are created by well known airbrush artists, such as Craig Fraser, Mike Lavallee, Dennis Mathewson, Michael Cacy, Gerald Mendez, Ryan “Ryno” Templeton and many other acclaimed artists which have appeared on television programs, written step-by-step airbrushing books and how-to articles in national and international art publications.

Nearly all of the Artool Templates are Solvent Proof and can be easily used with water-based or solvent-based paints which can be cleaned for repeated use again and again.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
IWA-FH1SP #1 $16.75 $16.75 In stock
IWA-FH2SP #2 $16.75 $16.75 In stock
IWA-FH3SP #3 The 360° Shield $16.75 $16.75 In stock
IWA-FH6SP #6 Super Shield $16.75 $16.75 In stock
IWA-FH7SP #7 The Big Shield $16.75 $16.75 In stock
IWA-FHIS1 Intro Series $17.00 $17.00 In stock
IWA-FHNS3 True Fire Nano $21.50 $21.50 In stock
IWA-FHSFX1 Splatter FX Set $53.75 $53.75 In stock
IWA-FHSK2SP Skullmaster The Frontal $26.75 $26.75 In stock
IWA-FHTF1MS True Fire Mini Series Set $55.50 $55.50 In stock
IWA-FHTFX1MS Texture FX Mini Series Set $21.50 $21.50 In stock