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PA Essentials Stencils have pre-cut designs on flexible plastic. Basecoat the project, position the stencil, and apply paint. The durable stencil can be used over and over.

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5.5" × 8.5"

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Uncut Blank, Pack of 8 PAW47622 $7.99 In stock

6" × 6"

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Cherry Blossom PAW47517 $4.99 Out of stock
Adventure Alpha PAW47518 $4.99 In stock
Mountain Landscape PAW47519 $4.99 In stock
Beach Vacation PAW47523 $4.99 In stock
Scallop Pattern PAW47525 $4.99 In stock
Roman Alpha PAW47526 $4.99 In stock
Insects PAW47528 $4.99 In stock
Cats PAW47530 $4.99 In stock
Dogs PAW47534 $4.99 In stock
Varsity Alpha PAW47539 $4.99 In stock
Plaid Pattern PAW47545 $4.99 In stock
Journaling 1 PAW47549 $4.99 In stock
Journaling 2 PAW47550 $4.99 In stock
Journaling 3 PAW47551 $4.99 In stock
Swash Caps Alpha PAW47553 $4.99 In stock
Ocean PAW47555 $4.99 In stock
Block Alpha PAW47558 $4.99 In stock
Wood Grain Pattern PAW47560 $4.99 In stock
Romance PAW47562 $4.99 In stock
Hearts Pattern PAW47564 $4.99 In stock
Horizons PAW47568 $4.99 In stock
Casual Script Font PAW47570 $4.99 In stock
Spring PAW47571 $4.99 In stock
Floral Pattern PAW47572 $4.99 In stock
Honeycomb Pattern PAW47573 $4.99 In stock
Handwritten Caps Alpha PAW47574 $4.99 In stock
Tropical Leaves PAW47579 $4.99 In stock
Storybook Alpha PAW47581 $4.99 Out of stock
Stars Pattern PAW47584 $4.99 In stock
Bubble Alpha PAW47585 $4.99 In stock
Unicorn PAW47586 $4.99 In stock
Panda PAW47587 $4.99 In stock
Fireworks PAW47634 $4.99 In stock
Snowflake Pattern PAW47636 $4.99 In stock
Bubbles Pattern PAW47652 $4.99 In stock

8" × 10"

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Uncut Blank, Pack of 6 PAW47624 $7.99 In stock

12" × 12"

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Dinosaurs PAW47590 $9.99 In stock
Space Rockets PAW47593 $9.99 In stock
Sun and Moon PAW47594 $9.99 In stock
Fleur de Lis Tile PAW47599 $9.99 In stock
Nautical PAW47600 $9.99 In stock
Butterflies PAW47608 $9.99 Out of stock
Uncut Blank, Pack of 3 PAW47628 $7.99 Out of stock