These paper craft books contain decorated cards and sheets in various weights and sizes that can be used to create and customize a vast range of paper craft projects. Included are postcards, envelopes, mailers, posters and large sheets (50 × 70 cm, 19½ × 27½ inches) printed with dazzling designs. Fancy stickers and strips of tape in various shapes and sizes allow you to further decorate and seal your envelopes and packages. Each book contains: 32 color postcards, 32 postcards for coloring, 16 printed envelopes, 12 large sheets of creative gift paper and 8 sheets with pressure-sensitive stickers.

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PEP-94002 Kimono $39.98 $35.98 Special order
PEP-94019 Art Deco Fashion & Style $39.98 $35.98 Special order