This series offers both beginning and advanced artists the chance to expand their creativity, conquer technical obstacles and explore new media. Written and illustrated by professional artists, they' re ideal for artists aspiring to reach a new level of expertise. Each paperback volume is 64 pages.

Artist's Library Series Books
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
FOAL03 Pencil Drawing $9.95 $6.96 In stock
FOAL04 Acrylics $9.95 $6.96 In stock
FOAL13 Perspective $9.95 $6.96 In stock
FOAL37 Watercolor Painting Step-by-Step $9.95 $6.96 In stock
FOAL38 Oil Painting Step-by-Step $9.95 $6.96 In stock
FOAL45 Acrylic Painting Step-By-Step $9.95 $6.96 In stock
FOAL53 Color Theory $9.95 $6.96 In stock
FOAL57 Pencil Drawing Step by Step $9.95 $6.96 In stock
FOAL61 Figure Drawing $9.95 $6.96 In stock
FOAL42 Pastel Step-by-Step $9.95 $9.95 Special order
FOAL55 Painting in Acrylic $9.95 $9.95 Special order