High-Gloss Epoxy Resin Clear Coat ArtResin

ArtResin is an extremely clear, safe, 1:1 epoxy resin coating formulated for art and creative applications. It has no VOCs, no fumes, and no respirator is needed. The UV + HALS light stabilization means superior clarity and longevity. 8 oz. is enough to cover approximately two square feet.

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Artist's Studio Torch ArtResin

This handheld torch allows you to easily eliminate bubbles from your ArtResin surface for a flawless finish. Powered by butane (not included), the flame instantly reaches 1300º C / 2400º F. When fully fueled, the torch lasts 60-90 minutes. Safe for indoor use.

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Resin Accessory Kit ArtResin

Five pairs of nitrile gloves, five reusable spreaders, four resin stands, and one reusable stir stick.

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