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Bob Ross 3 Hour Workshop DVD

With this DVD, viewers can learn the Bob Ross style of painting. Three hours of Bob covering all elements: skies, mountains, trees, water and more. Bob then brings it all together to complete a painting.

Brush Cleaning Bucket & Screen

Designed as a convenient, portable cleaning unit, this bucket and screen set is a tidy and safe way to clean brushes.

Brush Cleaning System

This 3-part brush cleaning system is a good solution to brush cleaning and drying needs. The system consists of odorless thinner in a convenient half-gallon container, a brush cleaning screen and a brushbeater rack for big brush drying. Both the screen and rack are soft vinyl coated to protect and prolong the lives of valuable brushes. Each of the items is also available separately.

Floral Painting Workshop DVD

Artist Annette Kowalski teaches you how to paint the Bob Ross way in this detailed, three hour video workshop. She will take you step-by-step through every phase of your beautiful floral paintings, from preparing the canvas with sketch and background color to the last'floret' and finally, your proud signature! Playable in all regions, enhanced quality, quick-find menu, multi-language (English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and French).

Flower Painting Kit

More than just a kit, this combination of materials and instructions offer the painter the beginnings of a home painting studio. With the step-by-step instructions, color progressional and “how-to” basics included, painters can enjoy completing their first floral painting with mastery and have plenty of materials left over for their next paintings. This kit contains eight tubes of 37ml Ross Soft oil colors, four Ross brushes - one each 1" landscape, #2 liner, 1/2" floral bright and #12 floral filbert, one 4 oz. liquid white, one floral medium and one container of Ross odorless thinner. Instructions are in full color and patterns are also included. The oil colors are alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow light hue, flower pink, mauve, sap green, titanium white, turquoise and ultramarine blue.


Dark backgrounds and varied contrasts are easily achieved with this gesso. It primes canvases and retains a controlled brushing surface for oil painting. Apply very thinly with a foam applicator (not a brush) and allow to dry completely before starting to paint on surface.

Liquid Base Coat Value Pack

A set of three 188ml (4 oz.) bottles of Liquid Clear, White, and Black plus a free bottle of brush cleaner and conditioner. These non-toxic colored liquid base coats aid in the painting's foundation and keep the canvas wet, the most fundamental step in Bob Ross's "wet-on-wet" technique. Made according to precise specifications for this technique, so as to achieve superb predictable results.

Liquid Base Coats

These non-toxic colored liquid base coats aid in the painting's foundation and keep the canvas wet, the most fundamental step in Bob Ross's "wet-on-wet" technique. Made according to precise specifications for this technique, so as to achieve superb predictable results.

Oil Paints

Bob Ross Oil Paints are specially formulated to a stiff consistency in order to meet the requirements of Bob Ross' painting techniques on canvas.

Painting Knives

Larger and firmer than traditional painting knives, the Bob Ross palette knives work like magic! Straight-edged blades are unique to the Ross painting method and make loading very easy and simple. The smaller knife is excellent for areas that are difficult to paint with the standard-size knife.

Painting Sets

Bob Ross Paint Sets make wonderful gifts and are a great way to start a painting hobby! With Bob Ross, budding artists enjoy learning how to paint stunning outdoor landscapes with Bob's easy-to-follow instructions and friendly style.

The Basic Set contains: five 37ml tubes of Bob Ross oil colors, a #5 painting knife, a 1" landscape brush, a 100ml of Liquid White base coat, and how-to instructions. Colors included are Phthalo Blue, Sap Green, Titanium White, Alizarin Crimson, and Cadmium Yellow.

The Master Set contains: eight 37ml tubes of Bob Ross oil colors, a #10 landscape knife, a 1" landscape brush, a 2" background brush, a #6 fan brush, a #2 script liner brush and a 118ml can of liquid white base coat. Colors included are alizarin crimson, bright red, cadmium yellow, sap green, pthalo blue, Van Dyke brown, midnight black and titanium white.

Wildlife Brushes

Create wildlife animals in oil paint easily using these brushes that have been developed specifically to create fur, eyes, whiskers and tails of animals. The brushes are made from golden taklon, white taklon or white bristle.

Brush Cleaner & Conditioner

Formulated as a cleaner and conditioner of all brush types, this Bob Ross product is ideal for maintaining the original condition of your brushes. After cleaning, a little cleaner/conditioner rubbed into the bristles of your brush will keep it like new. In a 4 oz. bottle.

Clear Plastic Palette

This is the same palette used by Bob Ross on his television series Joy of Painting. Made of non-porous clear acrylic, the true shades of colors can be observed without the interference of a white background. The standard kidney shape and the position of the thumb hole make it ideal for either left- or right-handed artists. Dimensions: 16"W x 1/2"D x 24"L.

Liquid Opal

This slow drying liquid oil color adds a deep richness to floral paintings with its lush color like melted opal gems. It is designed to work with Bob Ross oil colors and comes in an 8 oz. tub.

Oil Paint Medium

Get soft delicate coverage with just a touch on the brush; a remarkable potion that glides color onto the canvas. For use with the Bob Ross Floral Painting Technique.

Painter's Glove

This protective lotion for skin prevents paint, oil and dirt from adhering to hands. Easily applied, it' s just like using hand lotion. It dries immediately to form a protective layer between the elements and your skin, then simply washes away with the grime. In a 4 oz. squeeze bottle with flip-top lid.

Soft Oil Colors

Specially developed for florals and still life. Pigments are rich and blendable. Soft texture works well on canvas surfaces.

Travel Easel

Tiny and mighty, this travel easel is constructed of smooth hardwood and beautifully fire-branded with the Bob Ross insignia. This handy little companion weighs just less than 2 lbs., yet holds standard-sized canvas. An elastic fabric cord holds and tilts the canvas with gentle resistance. Packs up to the size of a small textbook, approximately 10.25" x 7" x 1.25". Sturdy with nonskid pads, just right for the robust style of Bob Ross painting.