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Extra Fine Watercolor Half Pan Sets

These Extra Fine Watercolor half pan sets feature vibrant colors that have outstanding color strength and excellent brushing properties.

The Floral 6-Color Half Pan Set includes wisteria, lavender, moonglow, shadow violet and serpentine genuine.

The Earth Tone 6-Color Half Pan Set includes buff titanium, raw sienna light, bronzite genuine, Venetian red, burnt sienna light and lunar black.

The Colors of Inspiration 6-Color Half Pan Set includes quinacridone gold, Aussie red gold, quinacridone rose, quinacridone fuchsia, cascade green, and green apatite genuine.

The Blues 6-Color Half Pan Set includes cerulean blue, Mayan blue genuine, indigo, lunar blue, Payne's blue grey and sodalite genuine.

The Sketcher 6-Color Half Pan Set includes hansa yellow medium, quinacridone rose, transparent red oxide, cerulean blue chromium and Monte Amiata natural sienna.

The Ultimate 15-Color Half Pan Set includes buff titanium, hansa yellow medium, quinacridone gold, pyrole scarlet, pyrole crimson, quinacridone rose, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue chromium, pthalo blue (green shade), pthalo green (blue shade), Goethite (brown ochre), burnt sienna, Indian red, raw umber and Jane's gray.

Extra-Fine Watercolor 5ml Introductory Sets

These Extra-Fine Watercolor sets feature colors that have outstanding color strength, extremely vibrant colors and excellent brushing properties. The colors in the Essentials Set were chosen because of their ability to mix together without creating mud. Colors include hansa yellow light, new gamboge, quinacridone rose, pyrrol scarlet, pthalo blue green shade and French ultramarine. The colors in the PrimaTek Set were chosen for their mixing ability, while also providing a granulating effect. Colors include rhodonite genuine, jadeite genuine, amethyst genuine, Mayan blue genuine, hematite genuine and piemontite genuine. Each set contains six 5ml tubes.

Extra-Fine Watercolor Dot Try-It Cards

If you love taking a paint brush to a new color, painting out a stroke, watching the color flow across your paper and experiencing the joy of a beautiful new watercolor, then you are really going to enjoy this! Now you can try almost every color in the vast and innovative Daniel Smith watercolor line. Provided on watercolor paper, these watercolor Dot Charts include the painting properties for every color with a paintable dot you can try out for yourself. The 238-Color Try-It Sheets include 31 dots of PrimaTeks, five Mayan colors, 12 Quinacridone colors, six cadmium hues, 48 colors from the Luminescent collection including 20 iridescent, seven interference, 19 duochrome, pearlescent shimmer, pearlescent white and 140 of Extra Fine Watercolors. On the 66 Dot Try-It Cards, you will find 24 dots of PrimaTeks, 12 Quinacridone colors, six cadmium hues, 18 colors from the Luminescent collection including six iridescent, six interference, four duochrome, pearlescent shimmer, pearlescent white and six more Extra Fine Watercolors.

Extra-Fine Watercolors

These watercolors span the color spectrum from the historical to natural earth and quinacridones. Outstanding color strength, extremely vibrant colors and excellent brushing properties make these paints desirable for any watercolor artist. The pigments are procured from every continent except Antarctica, and the paints are manufactured in Seattle, Washington.

Masking Fluid

This masking fluid features an easy-to-use application system including a bottle applicator and five fine-point applicator tips. It can also be applied with a brush. The fluid creates an impervious barrier to protect and preserve white areas of paper by blocking washes from flowing into unwanted areas. It applies off-white, dries to a transparent caramel color for visibility during painting and leaves crisp, clean edges when removed.

Watercolor Grounds

These color-tinted and transparent base watercolor grounds are a great way to set the mood and atmosphere in artwork. They work best with paper, board or canvas.

Watercolor Sets

These 15ml tube sets are great for both students and new watercolorists alike. They enable artists to customize basic colors as well as set the foundation for other hues.

The 3-Color Primary Set includes perylene red, hansa yellow medium and French ultramarine.

The 3-Color Secondary Set includes quinacridone burnt orange, undersea green and carbazole violet.

Extra-Fine Watercolor Sticks

These watercolor sticks feature the same color intensity as Daniel Smith Extra-Fine Watercolors, and the same convenience and portability of half pans in a handy stick form. Each watercolor stick is packed with pure pigment and is highly reactive with water, producing vibrant, strong, rich and creamy colors when wet. They can also be used dry to help build texture, making them a great medium for sketching, developing color values and bold expressions. These extra-fine watercolor sticks are a great addition to every artist’s palette.

Iridescent Gold Acrylic Gesso

This iridescent gold acrylic gesso has a lustrous metallic sheen from the mica and iron oxides it is made with. This gives oil and acrylic artists a gorgeous, luminous surface to paint on, quite different from regular white gesso. You will love how the radiant, golden sheen peeks out between gaps in your brushstrokes or in reserved golden areas when you paint. Oil and acrylic paints that are transparent will allow the golden glow to show through their transparent color. This gesso gives artists a vibrant, lightfast and archival choice for their substrate color, giving their paintings an enhancing, luminous glow.

Jean Haines Watercolor Sets

Experience the joy and expressive power of watercolor with Jean Haines Sets.

The 10-Color Master Artist Set includes cascade green, green apatite genuine, opera pink, quinacridone magenta, imperial purple, nickel azo yellow, Aussie red gold, moonglow, undersea green and lunar blue.

The 6-Color All That Shimmers Set includes iridescent ruby, iridescent Aztec gold, pearlescent white, iridescent electric blue, iridescent topaz and iridescent copper. Mix the All That Shimmers Set colors with existing watercolor pigment, use alone or as a glaze.

Original Oil Colors

These professional quality oil paints feature superb color strength, reliable lightfastness and a uniform buttery consistency. The pure pigments are procured from sources around the world. The high-grade alkali-refined linseed oil used to create the paint is selected for its uniformity, light color, low-acid value, low-yellowing and good adhesion properties. Each batch is made by hand, with the utmost integrity and attention to detail.

Water Soluble Fast Drying Oil Painting Medium

This low-odor, water-soluble oil medium is non-yellowing, fast drying and increases transparency and flexibility. It will also significantly increase the speed of drying time.

Water Soluble Modified Linseed Oil

This linseed oil thins the consistency of water soluble oil paints, improves flow and increases gloss.

Water Soluble Oil Colors

These highly pigmented, artist quality oil paints are made with water-soluble linseed oil and are otherwise based on the exact same formula as the Daniel Smith Original Oils so they feel, mix and paint the same. All colors feature uniform drying times, buttery consistency, excellent brushing qualities and a nice surface appearance. Made in Seattle, Washington.

Water Soluble Oil Fast Drying Linseed Oil

This fast drying linseed oil thins the consistency of water-soluble oil paints, improves paint flow, increases gloss and significantly speeds drying time.

Water Soluble Oil Painting Medium

This low-odor painting medium is non-yellowing, increases the transparency and flexibility of water-soluble oils and reduces drying time.

Water Soluble Safflower Oil

This water-soluble, low-yellowing safflower oil is great for thinning whites and light colors.