Earl Lube Industries makes non-toxic, handmade acrylic polymers formulated in Southern California – by artists for artists – using the finest materials on the planet.

The story behind Earl Lube Paste- the premier multi-media artist’s paste- traces back to Earl Lee, the mysteriously sexy daredevil character whose fictional tongue-in cheek, butterscotch-flavored personal “lube” drove a phenomenally popular street art campaign across Southern California.

Earl Lube Paste

From stucco and concrete walls, to paper, canvas, and wood, Earl Lube Paste creates a flexible bond on smooth surfaces as well as highly porous ones. Drying crystal clear to a water-resistant, matte finish, Earl Lube Paste keeps colors crisp and yellow-free, indoors or out.

Earl Lube Pour

Earl Lube Pour is an acrylic paint diluent, flow agent, and binder. Designed to thin acrylic paints yet bond with them and your substrate for the strength and flow characteristics you desire.