Kunst & Papier

In 1990, the artist Andreas Tschernoch started producing sketch books for his own needs as well as his colleagues. Right from the beginning, emphasis was placed on high-quality paper and a flexible book binding, so that the books can be opened easily and lay flat. These qualities have remained the hallmark of Kunst & Papier books to the present day.

All of the papers used by Kunst & Papier are acid-free, ISO 9706 "long life", and bleached by an elemental chlorine free process.

Grey Sketch Booklets Kunst & Papier

These economical booklets have 16 sheets (32 pages) of high-quality acid-free 120gsm sketch paper staple bound with a lightweight grey cover. Each booklet includes a blank label for lettering.

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Hardbound Sketch Books Kunst & Papier

Designed by an artist and bookbinder, these sketch books feature Efalin synthetic linen covers that are scratch, scuff and stain resistant. They are bound with smyth sewn and gauze-spliced bindings that provide strength and durability. The 100gsm (120gsm for A3) acid-, chlorine- and lignin-free, pH buffered paper accepts dry media, light washes, inkjet, markers and more. They are available in assorted colors in a variety of sizes.

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Janus Pen & Brush Pasteboard Sketch Books Kunst & Papier

The Janus Pen & Brush sketch paper accepts solvent and water-based markers, airbrush, spray paint, and light washes. It is also excellent for pencil, pen & ink, and encaustic. It can be used on both sides with no bleed-through. The flexible binding allows for an excellent and easy opening to work on double-page spreads. Each book contains 64 sheets (128 pages) of white acid-free 120gsm paper.

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Pasteboard Sketch Books Kunst & Papier

These sketch books feature pasteboard (also known as binder board) covers with true linen spines in various colors. The heavy-weight, 100gsm (120gsm in some sizes) paper is excellent for all dry media and is suitable for water-based markers and light washes.

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Hardbound All Media Books Kunst & Papier Special Order Only

These books have a black hardcover and natural white 150gsm smooth (plate finish) 100% cellulose paper. The paper is acid-free and chlorine-free. It is excellent for detailed rendering in pen and pencil, light washes, oil pastel, water-based markers, calligraphy, etc. It erases well. Each book has 64 sheets (128 pages).

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Hardbound Watercolor Books Kunst & Papier Special Order Only

These hardbound watercolor books feature natural white 160gsm machine mould-made watercolor paper with a cold press texture. The paper is made with elemental chlorine free cellulose and 35% cotton, assuring a long life.

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Softbound Sketch Books Kunst & Papier Special Order Only

The sewn and soft glued spine allows the books to open flat without damage to the binding. The paper is a rough 120gsm sketch paper that is acid-free and lignin-free. Suitable for all dry techniques, excellent pigment bond; limited use for paintbrush drawings.

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Stapled Sketch Books Kunst & Papier Special Order Only

Ideal for travel, workshops, classes and more, these light-weight, soft-covered sketch books are archival, versatile and durable. They feature a heavy-duty, protective, pliable cover and 18 sheets (36 pages) of 120gsm, pH buffered, acid-, chlorine- and lignin-free paper. The alpha cellulose paper is an excellent support for all dry media and is suitable for water-based markers and light washes.

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Wire-O Sketch Books Kunst & Papier Special Order Only

Bound with a black wire-o ring, Wire-O Sketch Books feature heavy-duty gray binder covers and alpha cellulose, acid-, chlorine-, and lignin-free sheets that have an extra layer of padding compound to assure long service and resist tear out. Each sketch book contains 55 sheets of 130gsm paper that accepts dry media, light washes, markers, inkjet and more.

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