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Airbrush Cleaning Kit

This kit is contained in a 16oz polyethylene wash bottle (#1216)

Contents include:

  • 2 each #1280 4 1/2" black bristle (double ended brushes)
  • 2 each #1276, 3"white bristle (double ended brushes)
  • 1 each #1290-S (5 brushes on ring)
  • 1 each #1230 blue metal box with 13 tip cleaners
  • 1 each #1210 - 6" brush
  • 1 each #1225 double ended dental pick
  • 1 each #2701 6" black nylon brush with loop on one end

Freehand Lettering

Richly illustrated with many demonstration photos, charts, alphabets and trade secrets. This carefully written book by a master craftsman with a lettering brush gives your customers a professional insight into the life of a lettering artist as well as guiding them through techniques, letter-styles, brushes, paints and supplies.

Gold Leaf Techniques

This thorough sourcebook by Kent H. Smith details the art of gilding with step-by-step instructions and profuse illustrations, covering both the basics of handling gold leaf as well as advanced techniques and applications. It carefully explains the basic procedures for creating gold leaf window signs – from layout, pounce patterns and gilding, to backing up, finishing and varnishing.

Mastering Layout - On the Art of Eye Appeal

The art of eye appeal gets everything going. Top sign designers have long recognized that technical skills and tricks may be worthless without first developing a strong layout.

The book covers design theories and analytical skills that can be applied to any project, not just signs. Includes over 80 illustrations and 13 hand-lettered alphabets. It also discusses format, copy, and appropriate images.

Metal Brush Boxes

These all-aluminum brush boxes will protect your brushes while drying, storing, and transporting. The brushes are held in place with steel spring coils.

Neatsfoot Oil

Prime Neatsfoot Oil is a restorative…keep your brushes soft and pliable.

Series 169 Lettering Quills

The traditional quill will always have a place in the sign painter's kit, and this quill was produced as a cost alternative to the traditional German quills. The hair that is used is a black synthetic and blue squirrel mixture as opposed to the German quill that is made of pure squirrel hair. The quill has been put through the paces by several sign painters and the reviews have been outstanding.

Series 179 Brown Kazan Lettering Quills

This brown quill is handmade in France & Germany by highly specialized brush makers. This lettering quill is an essential tool in every sign painter's kit. The brown quill is best suited for smooth surfaces such as glass or automotive surfaces. Brown Quills are slightly softer than the grey quills.

Series 189 Grey Lettering Quills

The grey quill is also handmade in France & Germany and it is equally as important as the brown as an essential brush for the sign painter. The series 189 or 189L is a universal lettering brush. The grey hair has more snap than the brown. It is used for general commercial work such as signs, truck lettering, boats, etc. The grey hair is more durable than the brown, and this brush is suitable for lettering on most surfaces.

Series 1962 Jet Stroke Truck Lettering Brushes

The Series 1962 is an excellent overall lettering brush. It is normally used for larger lettering and production lettering. It can also be used as a fill-in brush and an outliner for large letters. The long hair length allows the brush to carry a lot of paint. This brush is suitable for most surfaces. It is a mixture of pure squirrel and black ox. It has a flat ferrule and the hair comes in graduated lengths.

Series 20 Squirrel Hair Sword Stripers

America's #1 automotive touch-up brush, used by all the leading body shops for paint touch-up and pinstriping. The brushes are lacquer and enamel resistant, and the sword style is the best for all-around work.

Series 4031 Soft Hair Fitches

One of the most important brushes for the professional sign painter. This soft hair fitch is constructed with premium materials to provide excellent handling qualities. Used in lettering paints for layout, outlining, pictorial & tight work.

Series 4039 Soft Hair Angular Fitches

Companion to the 4031, built to identical standards, but shaped with an angular chiseled edge for those who prefer to work with a sharper point.

Series 4055 Masterstroke Bristle Fitch

This white bristle fitch (100% pure white hog bristle) is cup chiseled to a straight edge and also has a long polished handle. This is a lettering brush, but because the bristles are longer than the Series 4042, it can also be used for outlining. This brush is best suited for outdoor work such as walls, bulletins and rough surfaces.

Series 4090 Angular Fitch Liners

The angular fitch is good for awning work. Sign painters also find it easier to use an angular brush when working on a wall or upright surface. It is good for outdoor work (awnings, walls, bulletins and rough surfaces). This brush is not chiseled. There is no advantage to chisel an angular liner, since most sign painters want an even down stroke.

Series 5840 & 5880 Cutter Brushes

Fine quality with clear-lacquer finished handles, nickel ferrules. Hand chiseled. Pure white hog bristle suitable for outdoor work.

Series 818 Red Sable Lettering & Showcard Brushes

Pure red sable hair has more spring and is more flexible than the hair used in quills & outliners. After painting it returns easily to its initial shape. Red sable is more durable than squirrel. This lettering brush is shorter in hair length than quills or outliners, therefore, you will have much more control. However, red sable is not as soft as squirrel and will not carry as much paint.

Series 839 Outliners

A completely new & improved liner, the Series 839 outliner is much softer than the Series 838 outliner and will carry more paint. The bristles are blend of pure Brown Kazan Squirrel and Ox hair. This brush is used for outlining letters, for scroll work, and applicable sign work. The series 839 is suitable for most surfaces. It has a round ferrule & graduated hair lengths.

Series 10 Original Mack Sword Striping Brushes

A brush designed just for pinstripers, made from 100% unmixed blue squirrel hair, handcrafted and shaped just as it was many years ago. Extra attention is given to quality control with respect to shape and cleaning, and the brushes are only made from the finest grade of blue squirrel hair. Made with the signature blue thread ferrule.

Series 2179 Water Base Lettering Quills

This brown synthetic hair mixture is the preferred mixture for water-based and acrylic paint. Cream handles with a brown tip.