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Instant Antiquity Metallic Surfacing Solutions Modern Options Warehouse Only

Use these solutions as a finish coat or base coat for treating surfaces with Instant Antiquity patina or tinting solutions, on any paintable surface.

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Instant Antiquity Patina and Rusting Solutions Modern Options Warehouse Only

These solutions will produce a verdigris patina finish on metals of solid copper, brass and bronze. They may also be used as a second coat on top of surfacing solutions. Instant rust may be used on raw iron and raw steel. All of the solutions may be mixed with each other for multi-patina effects.

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Instant Antiquity Primo Primer/Sealer Modern Options Warehouse Only

For preparing non-metallic surfaces for application of Instant Antiquity metallic surfacers, this primer/sealer dries clear and may also be used as a protective final coat over finishes.

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