Palette Master

Jones Palette Kit II Palette Master Warehouse Only

Ideal for traveling, this palette has a snug fitting cover. The palette itself is 9-3/4" x 13-1/2" and contains 20 sizable wells with a porcelain-like painting surface for easy clean up. The clear plastic cover features an extra large compartment for carrying supplies. When painting, the cover doubles as a water reservoir and an additional painting area.

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Rectangular Palette with Lid Palette Master Warehouse Only

For watercolors and the study of color theory these are excellent palettes. The Rectangular Palette Jones (PMJP0811-2) contains 20 paint wells along with seven isolated mixing areas both on the palette and the lid while the Round Palette Jones (PMJP1216) contains 32 paint wells along with 2 isolated mixing areas on the lid. These palettes are constructed of durable plastic while a porcelain like surface on the interiors of the palettes and the lids provide for easy cleanup.

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