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Enamel Paints Testors

These oil-based enamel paints can be applied to almost any surface. They are fast drying, easy to apply and have excellent flow and coverage. Available in a 0.25 oz. bottles.

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Enamel Thinners Testors Special Order Only

These thinners are great for thinning enamel paint for use with or without an airbrush. They also make a good brush cleaner. All can be used to thin Testors, Model Master and Floquil enamel paints, however, the Enamel Airbrushing Thinners are specifically formulated to work well with the Model Master line of enamel paints.

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Spray Enamel Testors Special Order Only

Fast drying, easy to apply, and it can be used on many kinds of surfaces. This clear coat spray has superb flow and coverage. Use it as a top coat, give your model an extra edge, and give it the perfect effect for your project.

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