Collections of quality brushes in stainless steel caddies. The 12-brush caddie includes fans, brights, angulars, filberts and flats. The 18-brush caddie contains fans, washes, angulars, rounds, filberts. The 24-brush caddie includes mini script liners, mini spotters, mini liners, mini rounds, mini combs, mini flats, mini daggers, mini filberts, mini flat wisps, mini filbert wisps, mini angulars, mini fans, mini tight spots and mini fan wisps.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
RYRCADLH12 12-Brush Caddie Set $31.49 $25.19 Special order
RYRCADMINI24 24-Brush Caddie Set $31.49 $23.62 Special order
RYRCADSTH18 18-Brush Caddie Set $31.49 $23.62 Special order