White bristle brushes have stiff bristles that are great for manipulating and spreading large amounts of paint, stains or mediums. They will create a striped effect when used dry and dragged through glazes. The Oriental hake and soft wash brushes are made of absorbent goat hair. They are ideal for laying in large areas of water or color and gold leafing. Extra soft brown camel hair brushes are ideal for blending, softening of faux finishes and applying gold leaf. Each brush set contains three brushes in a variety of sizes.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
RYRART-100 Soft Wash Set $3.99 $3.99 Special order
RYRART-105 Brown Camel Hair Set $3.99 $3.99 Special order
RYRART-110 White Bristle Set $3.99 $3.99 Special order
RYRART-115 Oriental Hake Set $7.99 $7.99 Special order
RYRART-120 Long Handle White Bristle Set $3.99 $3.99 Special order