Trekell's One Stroke Brush went through a meticulous design process to ensure it excels at lettering. Utilizing the versatility and maneuverability of its pinstriping lineage, the One Stroke Brush goes across a painting surface smoothly without a hint of drag. Apply pressure to the 6" black handle to fatten-up lines or ease-back for daintier strokes; either way, you're treated to the cleanliness and clarity that are true Trekell qualities. However you use one, a One Stroke Brush makes its mark.

One Stroke Lettering Brushes
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
TRK-8070-1 1" $26.28 $23.65 In stock
TRK-8070-1/2 1/2" $8.66 $7.79 In stock
TRK-8070-1/4 1/4" $5.08 $4.57 Out of stock
TRK-8070-1/8 1/8" $4.03 $3.63 Out of stock
TRK-8070-3/4 3/4" $17.88 $16.09 In stock
TRK-8070-3/8 3/8" $6.35 $5.72 In stock
TRK-8070-5/8 5/8" $11.87 $10.68 In stock