The Caran d’Ache Water Brush is practical and easy to use. The large rubber push button and water valve allows the artist to precisely control the water flow. Ideal for sketching on the go, it is a perfect complement to all kinds of watercolor products such as Supracolor watercolor pencils, Museum watercolor sets, Neocolor II pastels, and Gouache Studio watercolors pans and tubes. The synthetic tip fibers can be easily cleaned with water by using the pump system to flush water through the tip. Ideal for travelling, art classes, and on-the-spot sketching, the Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle brush with 20ml water reservoir is a useful, modern tool and a nice complement to traditional fine art water brushes.

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CDA-115.201 Large $9.85 $8.86 Special order
CDA-115.202 Medium $9.85 $8.86 Special order
CDA-115.203 Fine $9.85 $8.86 Special order
CDA-115.303 3-piece Set $29.85 $26.86 Special order