The durable, nylon bristles of this self-wetting brush hold a point and can create broad strokes to fine lines. The soft easy-to-squeeze barrel is comfortable to hold and it contains the water needed to create a beautiful watercolor painting. It can be used with watercolor crayons, markers, watercolor pencils and traditional watercolors to smooth and spread color, and create an array of dramatic effects.

Aquash Water Brush
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PLFRHBBP Large $8.65 $7.78 In stock
PLFRHBP4M 4-piece Set (S, M, L, F) $28.40 $25.56 In stock
PLFRHFBP Small $6.45 $5.80 Out of stock
PLFRHMBP Medium $7.10 $6.39 In stock
PLFRHMHBP Flat $7.10 $6.39 In stock
PLFRHMMBP Mini $4.99 $4.49 In stock