Traveling watercolorists will wonder how they lived without the Koi Waterbrush. Its self-contained reservoir - clear to show when it needs a refill - feeds water to the nylon brush tip. The brush is collapsible and is available in three sizes: small (#2 round), medium (#6 round) and large (#8 round). The brushes are available with 4ml or 9ml reservoirs.

Koi Waterbrushes
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SK38550 Small - 4ml $7.49 $6.74 In stock
SK38551 Medium - 4ml $7.49 $6.74 Out of stock
SK38552 Large - 4ml $7.49 $6.74 In stock
SK39121 Small - 9ml $7.49 $6.74 In stock
SK39122 Medium - 9ml $7.49 $6.74 In stock
SK39123 Large - 9ml $7.49 $6.74 In stock