The Oval Mop 6000 Series combines ideal softness with long-lasting durability. Uniquely absorbent, these mop brushes are a go-to for washes, but they're also versatile, able to achieve dynamic soft blends. And here’s a thing that traditional goat mop users are going to love to read: these lush, synthetic brushes don’t shed.

Mop Brushes
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TRK-6000-1 1" $32.51 $26.01 Out of stock
TRK-6000-1/2 1/2" $12.53 $10.02 Out of stock
TRK-6000-1/4 1/4" $7.12 $5.70 Out of stock
TRK-6000-1/8 1/8" $5.24 $4.19 Out of stock
TRK-6000-3/4 3/4" $21.25 $17.00 Out of stock
TRK-6000-3/8 3/8" $9.49 $7.59 Out of stock