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Canvas Pliers Art Advantage

Premium chrome plated steel canvas pliers with grooved teeth will securely grip any canvas. The spring handle gives extra resistance while applying pressure.

Canvas Pliers Fredrix

Made of chrome plated steel, with perfectly mating teeth to ensure a positive no-slip grip. The handle has a built-in spring return that opens the pliers when you release. 2 1/4″ wide bite on the canvas.

Premium Canvas Pliers Fredrix

Made of chrome plated steel, these premium canvas pliers have a 4 3/4″ bite that has a softer grip, rather than metal teeth. The handle has a built-in spring return that opens the pliers when you release.

BEST Corner Key Kit Jack Richeson & Co.

These innovative corner keys can be used to tighten and loosen canvas stretcher bars even if the bars are not keyed for stretching. Each kit contains a set of four keys which can be mounted on wooden stretcher bars (pre-drill with a 3/32" drill bit). Just tighten (or loosen) the center nut to adjust the tension.

Pro Stretcher Bar Pair & Cross Brace Kits Masterpiece

These kits, made from solid, finger joint free, kiln-dried wood, each contain two bars, a cross brace, two brace keys, a screw and assembly instructions. The unique design of the stretcher bars allow for frames with maximum strength, stability and warp resistance to be easily built. The wood used to construct the kit is milled with lumber harvested from sustainable forests in Oregon and California. Available in two profiles: Vincent Pro bars have a 7/8" deep profile with a 5/16" relief and Monet Pro bars have a 1-1/2" deep profile with a 1/2" relief.

Canvas Corner Braces Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Whether you buy your canvas ready-made or make it yourself, these MDF corners are the perfect way to keep them square. They are also a great way to securely attach cross-braces. Each package contains four 8" MDF corners with pre-drilled holes to make attaching them easy.

Canvas Pliers Art Alternatives Special Order Only

These 8" long canvas pliers are constructed of nickel-plated zinc alloy. Their 2-3/8" serrated jaws have mated teeth to assure a firm grip. The handle has a spring return. The package includes simple instructions for stretching canvas.

Aluminum Pro Cross Braces Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

These bars are designed to work with the Aluminum Pro Bars (but the braces themselves are wood). These braces fit flush at the back of the bar for a snug and secure fit. Aluminum Pro Cross Braces are made of kiln-dried, knot-free pine, and have a 13/16" profile and measure 1-3/4" wide. They are designed to brace the back side of your stretched canvas.

Brace Brackets Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

State-of-the-art design works with all sizes of bars. The slotted design allows for fine adjustment of canvas tension. Allows bar frame to sit flat against a wall. Cross braces are recommended for all canvases over 36" in length. Each set contains two brackets and the necessary screws.

Elite Stretcher Bar Cross Braces Masterpiece Special Order Only

The Elite Stretcher Bar Cross Braces connect between Elite Stretcher Bars and Elite Straight Braces. The stretcher bars and straight braces have a patented groove on the inside of the bar and along the edges of the straight brace that work together to provide a solid housing for the cross brace. Two cross braces are required to form a single cross for frames that are 72" and shorter. No cutting or woodworking is required, however a rubber mallet is needed for assembly. Wood glue is recommended at the center cross for increased support. This stretcher bar and bracing system makes it possible to construct very large, strong, museum quality braced canvas frames that are key-able at the corners as well as on every brace that connects to the stretcher bars.

Elite Stretcher Bar Diamond Braces Masterpiece Special Order Only

These stretcher bar braces are sold in sets of 4 braces, one for each frame corner and include 8 screws. The unique braces have a tongue that protrudes outward at each end, and is designed to be inserted into the inside perimeter groove of Elite Stretcher Bars. These braces can be used with smaller frames as a substitute for traditional cross braces, offering an economical way to add support to frame corners. For larger frames with cross braces, the braces complement frame support by assuring that the corners of the stretcher bars do not move. Should the frame need to be expanded to add tension, the braces would need to be unscrewed from the frame, removed and then reattached after the frame has been adjusted. The braces are assembled with the simple use of a screwdriver so no cutting or woodworking is required.

Elite Stretcher Bar Straight Braces Masterpiece Special Order Only

These braces are specifically constructed to work with Masterpiece's Elite Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars. Select straight braces by the short frame dimension. For example, the 48" brace would be used with a 48" x 72" canvas frame. These stretcher bars have a patented groove on the inside of the bar that accepts this particular brace. The straight braces slide into the groove and are offset from the stretcher bar forming a slot. There is a long slender key that can be inserted into the slot on the stretcher bar making the brace key-able. No cutting or woodworking is required, only a simple rubber mallet is needed for assembly. These braces also feature a groove running on either edge of the brace that will accept cross braces. When used together Elite straight braces, cross braces and stretcher bars produce a very strong, solid-wood, key-able, professional, museum quality braced canvas frame.

Elite Stretcher Bars Masterpiece Special Order Only

Made from solid wood and without finger joints, these museum-quality, heavy-duty 2¼" x 1½" bars provide a very strong and stable frame for even the largest of canvases up to 144" in size. The tongue and groove components of the stretcher bar are a full ¼" thick, provide maximum stiffness and prevent twisting. The ends of the stretcher bars feature a special tongue and groove miter making it easy to assemble a frame without staples or glue. The unique joint design makes it possible to expand the frame and re-tension a loose canvas. They are also equipped with a unique groove on the inner perimeter of the frame that accepts key-able braces and supports. These stretcher bars are made from solid-wood milled from sustainable forests in both Oregon and California.

Stretcher Bar Frame Kits Masterpiece Special Order Only

The most elaborate museum class framing system on the market in three depths. Each kit includes all of the Bars, Braces, Cross Braces, Corner Keys, Brace Keys, wood glue, and assembly instructions that enable the artist to construct a fully keyable frame that makes it possible to increase surface tension from the corners, as well as from the middle of the frame, where the tension is needed the most!