These stretcher bar braces are sold in sets of 4 braces, one for each frame corner and include 8 screws. The unique braces have a tongue that protrudes outward at each end, and is designed to be inserted into the inside perimeter groove of Elite Stretcher Bars. These braces can be used with smaller frames as a substitute for traditional cross braces, offering an economical way to add support to frame corners. For larger frames with cross braces, the braces complement frame support by assuring that the corners of the stretcher bars do not move. Should the frame need to be expanded to add tension, the braces would need to be unscrewed from the frame, removed and then reattached after the frame has been adjusted. The braces are assembled with the simple use of a screwdriver so no cutting or woodworking is required.

Elite Stretcher Bar Diamond Braces
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
MA15008 8" $164.45
(11 pieces)
$98.67 Special order
MA15012 12" $89.60
(4 pieces)
$53.76 Special order
MA15016 16" $119.64
(4 pieces)
$71.80 Special order
MA15020 20" $145.72
(4 pieces)
$87.44 Special order
MA15024 24" $175.64
(4 pieces)
$105.40 Special order
MA15028 28" $204.32
(4 pieces)
$122.60 Special order