This is a great all-purpose canvas and is Masterpiece's most popular surface. The 7 oz. raw cotton canvas is sized, then double acrylic primed, giving it a 10.5 oz. finished weight. The medium tooth ground produces an excellent painting surface, which is great for most artist techniques and suitable for most all paint types. It is both acid-free and pH balanced. This canvas is also available stretched on Vincent Pro, Monet Pro and 3D Pro frames.

Monterey Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvas Rolls
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
MA33300 62" x 3 yds. $591.00
(6 pieces)
$591.00 Special order
MA33301 62" x 6 yds. $1110.00
(6 pieces)
$1110.00 Special order
MA33311 72" x 6 yds. $1500.00
(6 pieces)
$1500.00 Special order