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Malibu Premium Linen is triple sized and primed by hand with a unique alkyd primer made to resemble lead-based grounds without the hassle and toxicity of lead. It weighs roughly 13 oz. after priming, and offers an extraordinarily stable surface to paint with your oil-based colors. This optimal ground tends to absorb the paint, thereby creating depth and dimensionality to your art.

Vincent Pro stretched canvases feature a 7/8" profile with a 5/16" lip that keeps the canvas surface positioned high above the bars to prevent lines and indentations. The key-able cross bracing on sizes 16" × 16" and up offers additional strength, stability and warp resistance.

Stretched using MasterWrap technology, this canvas offers a drum-tight, archival surface that can be further adjusted using the pre-installed corner and brace keys. Folded corners and extra canvas selvage allow for re-stretching, and the clean staple free edges are great for display without a frame. The solid, finger-joint free, kiln-dried bars are milled with lumber harvested from sustainable forests in both Oregon and California.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
MA42318 8" × 10" $23.20 $11.60 In stock
MA42322 9" × 12" $28.00 $14.00 In stock
MA42330 12" × 16" $39.00 $19.50 In stock
MA42338 14" × 18" $45.75 $22.88 In stock
MA42342 16" × 20" $51.75 $25.88 In stock
MA42344 18" × 24" $64.50 $32.25 In stock
MA42356 24" × 30" $89.25 $44.62 In stock
MA42357 24" × 36" $103.00 $51.50 In stock