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These high quality artist panels use solid poplar for the cradle (frame around the back) and 1/8" Baltic birch plywood for the face (surface to be painted). The exclusive water-media treatment used on these panels was created to work beautifully with all water media. The surface is absorbent, durable and lightly textured, but it can also be sanded to be more like hot press paper. No other prep work is required, they are ready for paint. Colors lift easily and also layer beautifully. Your final painting can be protected with many spray varnishes, so there's no need to frame the final work behind glass. Typical usages are watercolors, watercolor pencils, acrylics, gouache and more. Made in USA.

1-5/8" Deep

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
AEWC0606-D 6x6 $16.31 $9.79 In stock
AEWC0808-D 8x8 $18.99 $11.39 In stock
AEWC0810-D 8x10 $21.63 $12.98 In stock
AEWC0912-D 9x12 $23.99 $14.39 In stock
AEWC1010-D 10x10 $23.99 $14.39 Out of stock
AEWC1114-D 11x14 $28.01 $16.81 In stock
AEWC1212-D 12x12 $28.75 $17.25 In stock
AEWC1216-D 12x16 $31.10 $18.66 In stock
AEWC1620-D 16x20 $40.01 $24.01 Out of stock
AEWC1824-D 18x24 $47.10 $28.26 Out of stock
AEWC2230-D 22x30 $60.55 $36.33 In stock
AEWC2448-D 24x48 $130.50 $78.30 Special order
AEWC3030-D 30x30 $115.99 $69.59 Special order
AEWC3040-D 30x40 $129.00 $77.40 Special order
AEWC3060-D 30x60 $209.99 $125.99 Special order
AEWC3636-D 36x36 $145.99 $87.59 Special order
AEWC3648-D 36x48 $145.99 $87.59 Special order

7/8" Flat

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
AEWC0606 6x6 $16.31 $9.79 In stock
AEWC0808 8x8 $18.99 $11.39 In stock
AEWC0810 8x10 $21.63 $12.98 In stock
AEWC0912 9x12 $23.99 $14.39 In stock
AEWC1010 10x10 $23.99 $14.39 In stock
AEWC1114 11x14 $28.01 $16.81 In stock
AEWC1212 12x12 $28.75 $17.25 In stock
AEWC1216 12x16 $31.10 $18.66 In stock
AEWC1620 16x20 $40.01 $24.01 Out of stock
AEWC1824 18x24 $47.10 $28.26 Out of stock
AEWC2230 22x30 $60.55 $36.33 In stock