Wrapped Wood Panels Lucius Hudson, Inc.

These cradled wood panels are made using torsion box construction: a matrix of 4" × 4" inch boxes glued between two plywood sheets produces greater strength and stability over traditional cradled wood panel designs. For acid and moisture protection all panels are sealed with shellac. There are a variety of canvas and linen options.

The standard cradle depth is 1¼". Each panel has a full cleat, allowing it to be hung from any side. Panels that are wrapped in canvas or linen are cut with notches in the corners so the fold doesn't protrude. (We have the dimensions listed as width × height, since they are designed for either horizontal or vertical presentation based on how the corners are folded.)

Utilizing both laser and CNC technology, Lucius Hudson, Inc. manufacture their own torsion panel cores to a high degree of precision and quality in Southern California.