Add some cosmic flair to your wearable art with fully washable, weather-resistant glitter. These lightly tinted iridescent flakes can be used to create a rainbow-like effect on sweats, T-shirts and all sorts of craft masterpieces. Packaged in clear, 1 oz. break-resistant containers.

Crystal Glitter


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
SDGX220U Multi-Colored $3.60 $3.29 Special order
SDGX252U Rose Jewel $3.60 $3.29 Special order
SDGX259U Light Gold Jewel $3.60 $3.29 Special order
SDGX261U Pink Jewel $3.60 $3.29 Special order
SDGX271U Sky Blue Jewel $3.60 $3.29 Special order
SDGX900U Snow $3.60 $3.29 Special order