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Ceramic Magnets Magnet Source

Ceramic Magnets are much stronger than flexible magnets and are ideal for projects requiring extra strength. Attach them easily to any project using a hot glue gun or most super glue-type epoxies. Also known as ferrite magnets, these powerful discs, block and rings are ideal for crafters, artisans and teachers.

Flexible Magnetic Sheet Magnet Source

This Flexible Magnetic Sheet is large enough to cover the entire back of most projects, and because cuts easily with scissors, it can be fitted to smaller projects. The 5" x 8" sheet features an adhesive back - just peel and stick to any surface, or adhere decorations like colored sand, fabric, colored paper and much more. Ideal for home, office or school.

Flexible Magnetic Tape Magnet Source

Flexible Magnetic Tape is ideal for lightweight projects and is easily cut with scissors to the desired length. The magnet comes with adhesive on the back, just peel and stick to any surface. Available in 1/2" x 30" rolls.

Super Neodymium Disc Magnets Magnet Source

Super Neodymium Disc Magnets, also know as rare earth magnets, are made of neodymium, the most powerful magnet material in the world. They attach to most projects with a super glue-type epoxy, and are ideal for projects that require extreme strength in a small size. Due to their extreme strength, these magnets are not suitable for children as they can pinch fingers. MN07045 disks measure .315" dia. x .118" thk. and are available in packs of ten. MN07046 disks measure .472" dia. x .118" thk. and are available in packs of six.

Magnet Tape Magnet Source Special Order Only

This magnetic tape works just like regular tape. There is no paper liner to remove. It is ready for use right out of the plastic dispenser. It can be used to post photos, schedules, kids' artwork, memos, notes and more on metal surfaces. Roll measures .75" x 26 ft.