This cotton baker's twine is a great choice for crafts, gift-wrapping, scrapbooking, card making, cooking and many other uses. The eco-friendly twine is 1mm thick, 2-ply per color, weighs 5g and is available in 410 ft. spools. Artists can decorate handmade cards and scrapbook pages with this twine to create a modern or vintage look.

Bakers Twine Spools
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
HQBTS2BLU-W Blue/White $6.00 $5.40 In stock
HQBTS2RED-W Red/White $6.00 $5.40 In stock
HQBTS2LIM-W Lime/White $6.00 $5.40 Special order
HQBTS2LTBL-W Light Blue/White $6.00 $5.40 Special order
HQBTS2LTBN-W Light Brown/White $6.00 $5.40 Special order
HQBTS2LTPK-W Light Pink/White $6.00 $5.40 Special order
HQBTS2ORG-W Orange/White $6.00 $5.40 Special order
HQBTS2PUR-W Purple/White $6.00 $5.40 Special order
HQBTS2YEL-W Yellow/White $6.00 $5.40 Special order
HQBTSBLK-W Black/White $6.00 $5.40 Special order