Ideal for use in arts, crafts, sculpting, fashion and design projects, these lightweight metals are extremely easy to cut, stamp and crimp to create stunning designs. The metal foils are available in 12" x 30" rolls of brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel in a variety of thicknesses. The metal mesh is available in a 12" x 24" roll of aluminum and a 12" x 12" roll of brass.

Metal Foil & Mesh Rolls
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
KS6005 Brass Foil (.002) $13.59 $13.59 Special order
KS6010 Brass Foil (.005) $16.69 $16.69 Special order
KS6015 Copper Foil (.003) $14.79 $14.79 Special order
KS6020 Copper Foil (.005) $17.19 $17.19 Special order
KS6025 Aluminum Foil (.005) $7.49 $7.49 Special order
KS6030 Stainless Steel Foil (.002) $13.15 $13.15 Special order