Glitz without the glue! This shiny, flexible glitter coat can be applied straight out of the bottle to give surfaces a glittery finish. It is great for shoes, handbags, belts, boots, accessories and more. It can be applied in a thin coat for a more subtle shine, or thicker for a more glittery appearance. When the white sugar color is mixed with any Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint color it will create a pastel effect. Ideal for proms, weddings, parties and crafts. In 1 oz. bottles.

Glitterlites Leather Paint
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
ASP-730-01-205 White Sugar $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-220 Desert Gold $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-221 Penny Copper $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-222 Silver Spark $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-223 Gunmetal $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-224 Emerald $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-225 Limelite $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-226 Sky Blue $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-227 Starlite Blue $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-228 Lavender Lace $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-229 Princess Purple $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-230 Candy Pink $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-231 Ruby Red $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-232 Champagne Gold $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-233 Razzberry $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-234 Kelly Green $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-235 Tuxedo Black $4.62 $4.62 In stock
ASP-730-01-236 Orange/Orange $4.62 $4.62 In stock