The pearlescent pigments in these acrylic leather paints not only sparkles, they refract light to show a deep color that can vary depending on the way you look at it. These paints can make for interesting effects on curved or moving surfaces.

Pearlescent Acrylic Leather Paint

1 oz.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
ASP-733-01-451 Riot Red $3.38 $3.38 In stock
ASP-733-01-452 Pacific Blue $3.38 $3.38 In stock
ASP-733-01-453 Prince Purple $3.38 $3.38 In stock
ASP-733-01-454 Sterling Silver $3.38 $3.38 In stock
ASP-733-01-455 18k Gold $3.38 $3.38 In stock
ASP-733-01-456 Rose Gold $3.38 $3.38 In stock
ASP-733-01-457 Emerald Green $3.38 $3.38 In stock