These colors are true dyes, not thinned pigments, so that when the silk is decorated, it retains its natural luster and soft texture. These rich beautiful colors can be blended or thinned to obtain virtually any desired hue or shade. The colors are lightfast, odorless, non-toxic, contain no alcohol and can be hand washed or dry-cleaned. To set the dye, simply let it dry, immerse in Permanent Dyeset Concentrate and water, let it sit and rinse. It may also be set by steaming. The colors are in 60 ml. bottles. Dyeset Concentrate is available separately.

Jacquard Silk Colors
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
JAC-JAC1701 Citron $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1703 Yellow $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1706 Apricot $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1710 Poppy Red $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1712 Scarlet Red $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1714 Carmine Red $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1715 Magenta $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1717 Digital $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1718 Purple $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1721 Night Blue $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1722 Royal Blue $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1723 Sapphire Blue $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1725 Cyan $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1730 Turquoise $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1732 Marine Green $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1735 Kelly Green $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1736 Viridian Green $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1745 Brown Sienna $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1750 Chocolate Brown $4.89 $4.40 In stock
JAC-JAC1759 Black $4.89 $4.40 In stock
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
JAC-JAC1762 Permanent Dyeset Concentrate $8.99 $8.09 In stock