Deep blades used for carving and whittling wood, linoleum, and plastic. Each blade fits the K7 Heavy Duty Wood Carving Knife. Each pack contains two blades.

Carving Blades

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
EXL-20101 Straight Edge $3.72 $2.98 In stock
EXL-20102 Angle Edge $3.72 $2.98 Special order
EXL-20103 Semi-Concave $3.72 $2.98 Special order
EXL-20104 Concave $3.72 $2.98 Special order
EXL-20105 Semi-Concave $3.72 $2.98 Special order
EXL-20106 Concave $3.72 $2.98 Special order
EXL-20107 Convex $3.72 $2.98 Special order