Durable enough to cleanly punch through just about any crafting material, these hand-held punches even punch thin leather and metal. The extended handles accommodate the entire hand to make them easy to hold while the soft grip material adds extra comfort. Everyone will appreciate the built-in confetti catcher that prevents scraps from making a mess and holds punched material for future use.

Hand-Held Circle Punches
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
FK2350-7097 1/6" Circle $9.12 $7.99 Out of stock
FK2351-7097 1/8" Circle $9.12 $7.99 In stock
FK2352-7097 1/4" Circle $9.12 $7.99 In stock
FK2353-7097 .25" Star $9.12 $9.12 Special order
FK2356-7097 .25" Rectangle $9.12 $9.12 Special order