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Multi-Purpose Parallel Ruler Pacific Arc

These multi-purpose rolling rulers work as a parallel ruler, metric or inches ruler, protractor, triangle, compass, zigzag ruler and T-square all in one.

Flexible Inch & Metric Rulers Westcott

A 1" wide ruler with 1/16" markings on one edge and a metric scale on the opposite edge.

12" Shatter Resistant Ruler Art Alternatives Special Order Only

This shatter-resistant ruler is flexible and has a transparent smoke tint for easy visibility. With inch calibrations on one side and centimeters on the other, it features a single hole for hanging, beveled edges and rounded safety corners.

Rolling Parallel Ruler Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Use this 12" rolling ruler for drawing parallel lines, circles, arcs, angles and 3D objects. It is ideal for students, artists and designers in creating charts, graphs, patterns and technical drawings. It features a built-in protractor with inch and centimeter markings.

12" Clear 2X Magnifier Ruler Helix Special Order Only

This 12" clear plastic ruler offers 2X magnification for reading fine print. It features both inch and metric graduations

12" Ringbinder Ruler Helix Special Order Only

This budget-priced, tinted plastic ruler fits most binders. For adaptation to any binder there are five standard ringbinder holes, plus a large hanging hole for easy storage. Markings are graduated in inches (1/16" markings) and metric (cm and mm).

Circle Ruler Helix Special Order Only

This ruler also works as a compass, allowing the user to make circles from 1/16" to 12" in diameter.

Shatter-Resistant Ruler Helix Special Order Only

Extremely shatter- and scratch-resistant rulers with permanently embossed inch and metric graduations.

Versa Ruler Koala Tools Special Order Only

This interconnecting ruling system allows users to create multi-sided shapes of many sizes and proportions. Angles and shapes are formed by selectively snapping rulers into sliding protractors and scaling to desired configurations. The ruler displays simultaneous side and angle measurements in inches (1/16 increments) on one side and centimeters on the other. It provides the ability to form and scale polygons of virtually any shape configuration. Users can selectively lock angles and snap the rule segments end-to-end to extend side lengths.

12" Folding Ruler Westcott Special Order Only

Designed to fit conveniently in a shirt pocket or travel lightly in a backpack or briefcase, this transparent blue plastic ruler folds from 12" ruler to a 6" ruler for compact storage. It is inch and metric calibrated for a variety of uses and features large markings for easy reading.

12" Rolling Ruler Westcott Special Order Only

This 12" rolling ruler makes it easy to draw horizontal parallel lines by drawing a line along straight edge and rolling ruler downward to desired space to repeat drawing line. Circles up to 24" diameter can be made by rolling the ruler in an arc. Great for drawing angles and crosshatching.

Bevel Cutting Rulers Westcott Special Order Only

Heavy gauge, clear acrylic rulers with sharp graphic grids for drawing parallel lines. One edge is bevelled and the other has a stainless steel edge for cutting. Each ruler has main calibration in inches and 16ths. With convenient hang holes.

Zero-Centering English/Metric Ruler Westcott Special Order Only

A transparent 2" x 24" ruler calibrated in 8ths and 16ths of an inch on one side and millimeters on the other. Each centimeter line is extended to the inch scale offering a comparison between English and metric scales. Zero centering English scale.