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Standard T-Squares Alumicolor

These T-Squares have a 1-1/2" tempered aluminum blade which is calibrated in inches and centimeters. The black ABS plastic heads are light-weight and nearly unbreakable. The heads are secured with five screws instead of rivets.

12" Clear Plastic T-Square Art Alternatives

Flexible and clear, this 12" plastic t-square has both standard and metric scales, a beveled edge and a single hole for hanging.

Stainless Steel T-Squares Art Alternatives

These T-squares have a stainless steel blade for accurate line drawing and cutting, a single hole for hanging and a plastic blue head. The blade features graduated inch markings in 16ths and 32nds on one side and centimeter markings on the other. The head has 1/8" markings on one side and millimeter markings on the other.

Wood T-Squares with Acrylic Edges Art Alternatives

These wooden t-squares feature dual clear acrylic elevated edges for smear-free inking and a single hole for hanging. Great for accurate line drawing.

Professional T-Squares Alumicolor Drop Ship Only

This line of Professional T-Squares feature a 2" wide extruded aluminum blade with dual inking edges calibrated in inches and centimeters. Calibrations are made using a photo anodizing process giving them smooth, tick-free finish that will not wear. The black ABS plastic heads are light-weight and virtually unbreakable. The heads are secured with five screws instead of rivets. Unlike the Standard T-Square, the Professional aluminum blades have channeled backs that glide easily on drafting tables.

Clear Plastic T-Squares Helix Drop Ship Only

Made of clear, blue-tinted, flexible plastic, these T-squares have both standard and metric scales.

Cel-Edge T-Squares Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

Professional T-squares with a clear acrylic edge. T-Squares are a technical drawing instrument used by draftsmen as a guide for drawing straight horizontal lines.

Aluminum T-Squares Westcott Drop Ship Only

These T-squares are constructed from instrument grade aluminum attached to a durable plastic head. One edge is graduated with the first inch in 32nds and then in 16ths. The other edge is graduated in centimeters.

Calibrated T-Square Westcott Drop Ship Only

Clear, plastic 12" T-square with fixed head. Calibrated in 16ths and millimeters, thereby eliminating the need for a ruler.

Junior T-Square Ruler Westcott Drop Ship Only

Excellent for teaching kids to draw accurately, this plastic 1" x 18" T-square is calibrated in inches on one side and metric on the other.