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Triangles Alumicolor

These calibrated triangles are made of tempered aluminum. Photo anodized calibrations are a part of the finish and resist cleaning or rubbing off. The ultra smooth finish will not mark your work surface. Calibrations are in inches and centimeters.

Acrylic Triangles Art Alternatives

These professional quality, light-weight acrylic triangles have a transparent smoke tint for easy visibility. They also feature a double inking edge to prevent smearing and a double-beveled center cutout finger lift.

Adjustable Triangles Art Alternatives

Made of clear, warp-resistant acrylic for easy viewing, this adjustable triangle is accurately divided into increments of 1/2° from 0° to 90° and has beveled edges. The protractor scale provides additional slope and rise, and features a magnifier for precise, easy-to-read settings. It also has a thumbscrew that locks the angle securely in place.

Clear Acrylic Triangles Pro Art

These professional-grade triangles are made with .08" acrylic with a beveled center finger lift and a straight edge.

Smoke Acrylic Ink-Edge Triangles Pro Art

These professional-grade .08" acrylic triangles have a beveled center finger lift and inking edges to prevent smudged lines. The translucent smoke gray color makes it easy to find while still making it possible to see the underlying surface.

Triangle Sets Helix Special Order Only

Two plastic student triangles, 45° and 60°, in each set.

Topaz Triangles Pacific Arc Special Order Only

Created from thick pure acrylic: the edges will not break down or feather, making them an even greater value. Subtle topaz tint for easy locating on any surface. Finger lifts in cut-out make for easy gripping. Inking edge is compatible with any writing utensil.

Acrylic Triangles Pickett Special Order Only

These triangles are made of clear acrylic and have center cut-outs.

Adjustable Triangles Westcott Special Order Only

Clear plastic, permits tracing of any angle from 0° to 90°. Inner arc reads degrees of one angle, outer portion reads degrees of complimentary angle.