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AlumiDrafter Alumicolor

Invented by a practicing architect, this multi-use tool gives the user all the advantages of a traditional triangular scale in addition to many other features, while solving the portability problem of its bulkier counterpart.

Triangular Drafting Scales Alumicolor

Made from the highest quality aluminum for ultra smooth edges and a solid feel without flexibility. The anodized silver finish gives a satin-like feel, while the photo anodized calibrations are resistant to cleaners and will not rub off. Imperial Architect Scale calibrations are inches to 16ths, (1/8", 1/4"), (1/2", 1"), (3/4", 3/8"), (3", 1-1/2") and (3/32", 3/16"). Imperial Engineer Scale calibrations are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 parts per inch. Metric Architect Scale calibrations are 1:100, 1:200, 1:250, 1:300, 1:400, 1:500. Metric Engineer Scale calibrations are 1:1, 1:2, 1:5, 1:10, 1:20, 1:50. The hollow scales feature the same calibrations as the solid scales but are light-weight. The color-coded scales are solid and have a different color stripe on each side, making it easy to find the scale you want.

Scholastic Triangular Scales Pacific Arc

These triangular scales are color coded for easy use. The high-quality plastic promises strength and demonstrates long-lasting calibers. Available in inches and metric.

18" Hollow Architect Drafting Scale Alumicolor Special Order Only

This hollow drafting scale is made of extruded aluminum and features a photo anodizing process that ensures the calibrations and color remain permanent. This process also provides a smooth, tick-free finish and calibrations which are resistant to cleaners and solvents. Dimensions: 1.022" wide per side and calibrated 16, (1/8, 1/4), (1/2,1), (3/8, 3/4), (3, 1-1/2) and (3/32, 3/16).

Triangular Scales Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Professional quality, bright white plastic triangular 12" scales. The gradations are easy to read and designed to be long-lasting, while the colored grooves make it easy to find the scale you want. Used in making or measuring from reduced scale drawings, such as blueprints and floor plans.

Student Triangular Scales Helix Special Order Only

Architect and Engineer student quality 12" plastic triangular scales.

12" Triangular Scales Mars/Staedtler Special Order Only

White, solid plastic scales constructed from specially selected materials to ensure dimensional stability and accuracy. Durable and light-weight, with long-lasting graduations. The 98718 Series scales have die-engraved graduations and color-coded grooves.

Student Grade Triangular Scales Mars/Staedtler Special Order Only

High impact plastic scale with accurately molded graduations. Polished faces provide easy reading.

Triangular Scales Westcott Special Order Only

Scholastic quality, plastic 12" scales. Available with either architectural or engineering graduations.