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These finely ground pastels provide a particularly soft and smooth drawing. The rich, vivid colors mix together nicely and are well suited for use on sanded paper or heavily grained surfaces. Sharpen them to a chisel tip, or drag them flat on their sides for various shading techniques. Two crayons per package.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
CO2350 Sanguine Natural $4.19 $3.99 In stock WARNING
CO2351 Sanguine XVIII Century $4.19 $3.99 In stock WARNING
CO2352 Sanguine Watteau $4.19 $3.99 In stock WARNING
CO2355 White 2B $4.19 $3.99 In stock WARNING
CO2357 White HB $4.19 $3.99 In stock WARNING
CO2358 Gray $4.19 $3.99 In stock WARNING
CO2359 Black 2B $4.19 $3.99 Out of stock WARNING
CO2360 Black B $4.19 $3.99 In stock WARNING
CO2361 Black HB $4.19 $3.99 In stock WARNING
CO2353 Sanguine Medicis $4.49 $4.04 Out of stock, special order WARNING
CO2354 Bistre $4.19 $3.99 Out of stock, special order WARNING
CO2356 White B $4.19 $3.99 Out of stock, special order WARNING