An exciting tool for drawing and painting! Each shaped disc is very soft and water-soluble, allowing for a wide range of shades and techniques. The 3-color Primary Colors set includes red, blue and yellow in a protective cork case. The 3-color Monochromatic set includes black, grey and white in a protective cork case. The 6-color Earth Tones set includes one disc each of sanguine, ochre, sepia, brown, dark brown and black packaged in a protective cork case.

Pigment Discs Sets
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GL500505 6-color Earth Tones Set $66.19 $59.57 In stock
GL500501 3-color Monochromatic Set $33.55 $30.20 Special order
GL500592 3-color Primary Colors Set $33.55 $30.20 Special order