A staple for any artist, with its rich, velvety texture, this hand-selected charcoal produces a beautiful range of velvety grays from dark, soft charcoal to light, hard charcoal. Available in 4 grades: extra-soft, soft, medium and hard. Made in the U.S.A.

Vine Charcoal
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GRCV41 Soft, 3/Pkg. $3.50 $2.99 In stock
GRCV43 Hard, 3/Pkg. $3.50 $2.99 In stock
GRCV40 Extra-Soft, 3/Pkg. $3.50 $2.99 Special order
GRCV4012 Extra-Soft, 12/Pkg. $10.20 $10.20 Special order
GRCV4112 Soft, 12/Pkg. $10.20 $10.20 Special order
GRCV42 Medium, 3/Pkg. $3.50 $2.99 Special order
GRCV4212 Medium, 12/Pkg. $10.20 $10.20 Special order
GRCV4312 Hard, 12/Pkg. $10.20 $10.20 Special order
GRCV925 Jumbo Medium, 25/Box $71.50
(25 pieces)
$62.25 Special order
GRV9 Jumbo Medium, 1/Pkg. $3.50 $2.99 Special order