Our downtown store is temporarily closed due to the "Safer at Home" emergency order in Los Angeles. We are able to drop-ship a limited selection of products from warehouses in other states. Some of these products must be ordered in case quantities. We are not offering curbside pickup at this time. There is a $50 order minimum.

A staple for any artist, with its rich, velvety texture, this hand-selected charcoal produces a beautiful range of velvety grays from dark, soft charcoal to light, hard charcoal. Available in 4 grades: extra-soft, soft, medium and hard. Made in the U.S.A.

Availability alert! Items that say "Maybe" may not be in stock, this only indicates that the item is usually stocked in the warehouse. Your payment will be refunded for any items we are unable to have shipped.
Item No. Description List Sale Availability In Stock
GRCV41 Soft, 3/Pkg. $3.60 $3.24 Drop-ship only Maybe
GRCV43 Hard, 3/Pkg. $3.60 $3.24 Drop-ship only Maybe
GRCV40 Extra-Soft, 3/Pkg. $3.60 $3.24 Drop-ship only Maybe
GRCV4012 Extra-Soft, 12/Pkg. $10.50 $9.45 Drop-ship only Maybe
GRCV4112 Soft, 12/Pkg. $10.50 $9.45 Drop-ship only Maybe
GRCV42 Medium, 3/Pkg. $3.60 $3.24 Drop-ship only Maybe
GRCV4212 Medium, 12/Pkg. $10.50 $9.45 Drop-ship only Maybe
GRCV4312 Hard, 12/Pkg. $10.50 $9.45 Drop-ship only Maybe
GRCV925 Jumbo Medium, 25/Box $73.25
(25 pieces)
$66.00 Drop-ship only Maybe
GRV9 Jumbo Medium, 1/Pkg. $3.60 $3.24 Drop-ship only Maybe