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This chunky pencil functions as a colored pencil, watercolor and wax crayon in one. Perfect for numerous techniques and endless imagination, the extra-thick, 10mm lead provides soft, rich strokes. Outstanding watercolor properties make it ideal for painting with. The highly pigmented, lead is not prone to breakage. It exhibits high luminosity and color intensity even on dark papers. It can also write on smooth surfaces like glass.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SW4548/12 Woody Pencil Sharpener $6.00 $4.80 In stock
SW880-100 White $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-205 Yellow $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-220 Orange $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-310 Red $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-334 Pink $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-355 Flesh Pink $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-370 Lilac $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-385 Violet $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-405 Ultramarine Blue $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-425 Blue $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-450 Cyan Blue $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-470 Turquoise $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-533 Dark Green $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-570 Light Green $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-630 Burnt Umber $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-750 Black $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-805 Silver $3.40 $2.72 In stock
SW880-810 Gold $3.40 $2.72 In stock


Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SW880-10-2 10-Color Set $38.50 $30.80 Out of stock, special order
SW880/18 18-Color Set $68.00 $54.40 Out of stock, special order
SW8806-2 6-Color Set $24.50 $19.60 Out of stock, special order