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Designed for specialists, these extra-fine, hexagonal graphite pencils include a range of blacks from hardest (lightest) to softest (darkest). These are the pencils with the most complete range of graphite leads, the diameter ranges from 2.1 - 3.6mm depending on the degree. Each pencil is made using Premium FSC® certified cedar wood and is varnished in a colour that precisely depicts the hardness and depth of the black.

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
CDA-775.250 HB $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.251 B $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.252 2B $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.253 3B $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.254 4B $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.255 5B $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.256 6B $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.257 7B $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.258 8B $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.259 9B $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.260 F $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.261 H $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.262 2H $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.263 3H $3.65 $3.28 In stock
CDA-775.264 4H $3.65 $3.28 In stock