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Turquoise professional drawing pencils are pure and smooth in a variety of grades. The lead sharpens to a perfect point for a scratchless, glossy line in any weight. The pencils do not contain rainforest wood. Each set contains 12 pencils of varying grades except SA24222 which is a 6-pencil set (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B and 9B). The soft grade Art Set is ideal for sketching and rough layouts and contains grades 9B through H. The medium grade Sketching Set is versatile for a variety of drawing and sketching techniques and contains grades 4Bthrough 6H. The hard grade Design Set is great for precise drawing and contains grades B through 9H.

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SA24191 Art Pencils Set $19.08 $19.08 Out of stock, special order
SA24192 Sketching Pencils Set $19.08 $19.08 Out of stock, special order