These high-quality sketching tools offer smooth lines, rich colors and unbeatably strong leads.

The Basic Drawing Set contains one each Monolith Graphite 6B, Nero extra-soft black drawing pencil, Black charcoal #1 soft pencil, 1 each- white, sanguine, hard pastel, 1 sketching coal stick, 1 kneaded eraser, and a paper blending stick.

The Water-soluble Graphite Set features a range of graphite drawing materials as well as a charcoal pencil and a Nero pencil for deep black lines. The inclusion of four water-soluble graphite pencils makes this set perfect for experimental techniques and traditional sketching. Also includes 2 larger graphite sticks, black chalk, and a monolith eraser.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
CRT-15-40-020 10-piece Basic Drawing Set $27.50 $24.75 Special order
CRT-15-40-021 Artino Water-Soluble Graphite 10-Piece Set $27.50 $24.75 Special order